Monday, April 04, 2005

St. Pete Times: Bankruptcy court may be re-looking at Newton

In 1982 Straight - Sarasota closed while being investigated for criminal child abuse by the states attorney. The Sarasota states attorney announced that Straight counselors had admitted they had been trained to abuse kids at Straight - St. Petersburg in Pinellas County and that Miller Newton had overseen their training. This forced Pinellas County prosecutor James T. Russell to launch yet another investigation of Straight. But he is the man who personally brought the Straight concept to Pinellas County under the name The Seed. One of his assistant state attorneys was on the board of directors for Straight! Not surprisingly, Russell found nothing wrong at Straight. In fact for 17 years he never found anything wrong at Straight. But Miller Newton left in 1983 under a barrage of civil suits. He setup his own Straight-like chain outside New York City in New Jersey called KIDS. Curiously Straight operated in major metropolitan centers around the country, but there was never a Straight - New York City area leading Straight trackers to suspect that KIDS may have been Straight - greater NYC area.

All KIDS' expansion programs closed under allegations of child abuse. When KIDS of Southern California was closed by the state for criminal child abuse, Mel and Betty stepped in, took over Newton's clients and setup Straight of Southern California. But California closed Straight within a year for criminal child abuse. Neither Mel or Betty Sembler nor Miller Newton went to prison for their crimes. In 1989 CBS's West 57th Street did an expose on Newton's Kids of Bergen County, New Jersey. A judge studied KIDS of Bergen County and said it should not get a license. County prosecutors raided the place and took out several young clients. So Newton changed the name to KIDS of North Jersey and moved to Hudson County.

After he was sued out of existence over his New Jersey program, Miller Newton moved back to Madeira Beach, Florida, bought a second home across the street from his home and boat, changed his name to Father Cassian, created a religious foundation, filed bankruptcy and donated his second property to his foundation. Now Newton's creditors know about the home across the street valued at $300,000 and they want it. Will he ever be put in prison for his frauds; for his crimes against children. To the people of Madeira Beach. Lee Drury Deceasar was one who tried to speak for you. What are you citizens going to do now? Read now the latest by The St Pete Times.


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Hi Wes - Recently I have posted this update on As a result, some interesting comments have been made on Orthodox discussion forums by a priest who know fr. Cassian:

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Blogger Greta said...

Let me try and leave better links here:

Fr. George (Kent) Washburn writes about Fr. Cassian on 4/13/05

Greta's reply to Fr. George 4/13/05

Another post by Fr. George (Kent) Washburn on 4/14/05

Greta's response on 4/14/05

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Blogger seandabumpa said...

father george, I was in kids of bergen county and know "cai8san newton quite well. without a doubt he is the pure embodiement of evil I have ever met in my forty years. He was in complete control. evrything that happened was Umder his direction.
a skunk cant lose his stripe. You have been duped, I think you already know this Judging by the apolegistic tone of your responses. If you dont believe me I suggest you do little research into your treasured friend. He didn't treat the worst of the worst as you suggest. rateher he treated poor children caught up in the histeria of the 80's drug war. at lest 70% of the kids that i knew had never even smoked marijuana more than 10 times. worst of thes worst my ass. that's what he told you and it is a lie. you hav e been decieved. I cant believe the embodiement of satan can get a post in your dchurch. you can count me and hundreds of other "kids" as not likely to join in the future recruits

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